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Campout Guidelines


Please be considerate, respectful and cooperative towards the Campout Host and other campout participants at all times.  Familiarize yourself with and follow all Forest Service, State Parks and Campground Rules and Regulations.

1. Reservations, when required, will be made by each individual camper.  Campers are to notify the Campout Host of their reserved site number and the dates they will be camping.

2. Please inform the Campout Host of all changes.  For example:  let the Campout Host know of any changes in camping equipment, arrival date and if you plan to bring a guest, etc.

3. Guests are welcome and may attend one campout before deciding whether to join the club.  All guests, including children and other relatives of members, must be over the age of 18.

4. Guests and visitors will incur the appropriate cost of the campout in which they are participating.  A guest/visitor camping on the same site with a member shall share the cost of the individual site.  A guest/visitor joining the group on a group site campout will be asked to pay $10.00 regardless of the number of nights.  A guest/visitor joining the group on a dispersed campout site will incur no cost as there is no cost to any camper.


5. The total cost of the campsite, including any extra vehicle charges, shall be shared equally by the total number of people occupying the site.


6. If you need to cancel, please let the Campout Host know as soon as possible.  Be considerate of other campers who may be on a waiting list and who may wish to buy your site. 
If nobody buys your site, then let the Campout Host know of your cancellation, so they will not expect you.


7. You are responsible for your own transportation.  You may go alone, caravan or carpool.  It is recommended that you carpool only with people whom you know.

8. There may be a potluck breakfast and dinner at our campouts as designated by the camp host.  These potlucks are optional.  If you choose to participate, please bring a dish to share, and your own plate, utensils and beverage.  Make sure your dish is ready to serve with appropriate utensils.  Meals begin promptly at the designated time, usually 9:00 for breakfast and 6:00 for dinner. 

9. Please do your share to keep the common areas clean.  Remove personal items when finished.  Properly dispose of trash and recyclables.  You are responsible for leaving your own campsite clean.

10.Pets must be kept under control by their owners.  Pets are not welcome at potluck meals, but must be left at their own campsite or leashed to some anchor far from the meal site.   Leashed pets are welcome during “happy hours” and campfires.

11.We have a campfire almost every evening in designated fire pits.   Please bring a lawn chair and wood for the fire.  It is a good idea to buy wood at the campground or gather it at the campground.  Do not bring painted wood, treated wood or wood from a construction site.

12.Please be considerate of others.  Excessive noise, such as power tools, racing motors, lengthy use of generators, shouting, foul language, loud music and barking dogs can disturb others’ enjoyment of the camping experience.  Please observe the campground quiet hours, usually between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

13.If you leave the campground early and do not plan to return, please notify the Campout Host so they do not worry or send anyone to look for you.

Camp Hosting is Important


A subject has come up regarding participation. We heard that someone has been hesitant to host a campout, because they were concerned that they wouldn’t choose a site that would suit everyone. If you have felt this way, please don’t let it stop you from participating. There will never be a campout that pleases all of our members, because we are all individuals and have our own preferences. It’s natural that tent campers have different priorities than those with RV’s. There are campouts that can accommodate both types, and some that don’t – that’s OK. Although next year’s calendar is pretty full, there are still some weekends that weren’t scheduled, and weekday campouts are welcome for those who aren’t working a full time job.

Hosting a campout is not difficult. The camp host is responsible to plan the time and location of any pot luck meals. Some people enjoy organizing activities and some prefer not to go that far. It is suggested that you determine some things that are available to do in the area, and then you can leave it up to the attendees.  And you are not responsible for other members – they should make their own reservations. If you would like to try hosting, please notify the camping singles board or planning committee. Not only is participation good for CSI, it’s a great way to get to know other members.

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