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Member / Camper Responsibility

Camping Singles, Inc. is a not for profit Colorado corporation. To facilitate the administration of the group, unpaid members are elected to the Board of Directors, who then make most of the operation decisions for the organization.
We are a group that gets together to become friends, to provide fellowship, support, and companionship and to share the enjoyment of camping with friends. We also have member sponsored social activities during the non-camping season.

To become a member you must complete the Member Information Form and pay the annual dues.

All dues are for: meeting room, P.O. Box, monthly newsletter, photo copies, correspondence, long distance phone calls related to camping, and other group related expense.  We also use dues money to reserve group campsites which are free to paid members. 

Each member is responsible for him/herself. S/he must provide her/his own transportation, equipment, food and other needed items for each activity. Camping Singles, Inc., will not be responsible for any bills, fines, or rescue costs that a member may accrue while participating in any of the group’s activities.

Members make their individual reservations for our campouts except for group campsites which are reserved by the club.  All members camping with our group take full responsibility for the area or site where they are camping. This means they take full responsibility for themselves and any guests or animals that may be staying in the campsite or camping area.

It is each member’s responsibility to know and abide by all applicable national, state, county, district, city, and property owner rules and regulations.

Camping Singles, Inc. accepts no responsibility for the personal actions of any member.

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