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Camping Singles, Inc. By-Laws   

I. Name 
The name of this organization shall be Camping Singles , Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as "Camping Singles"). 

II. Objectives 
Camping Singles shall be a duly incorporated not-for-profit organization. Its objective and purpose is to provide an environment for single adults who enjoy camping and related outdoor activities with the comfort and security of knowing someone else in the same campground. 

Camping Singles will be operated under the guidelines described and intended in this document. It is not the intent of this document to describe all minor details of the operation of the organization but to provide a framework for its operation under the direction of the Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as the "Board"). 

III. Membership Meetings 

A. Meetings shall be held monthly. The Board of Directors will determine the date, time and location of the meetings and notify all members. 
B. The first meeting in October will be designated as the "Annual Organizational Meeting". It will be used to determine the group's direction for the following year and to elect the Board of Directors. 
C. Special meeting must have prior Board approval, and the general membership must be given at least seven (7) days' advance notice of the meeting. 

IV. Board of Directors Meetings 
A. Board Meetings shall be held on a regularly scheduled basis. The meeting date, time and location will be made available to the membership. 
B. Special Board Meetings may be called by the Chairperson as necessary. 
C. Group members are welcome as visitors at Board Meetings. Visitor participation will be at the discretion of the Board. 
D. Visitors to Board meetings may not make motions or vote. 
E. Minutes of all Board meetings will be recorded by the Secretary. 
F. The Board members will review reports by the following:

1. Secretary (minutes of previous Board meeting) 
2. Vice Chairperson (committee reports)

3. Treasurer (financial report)

4. Membership Director (membership status report)

5. Newsletter Editor Director (summary of events , issues) 

G. Other reports and issues will be addressed as necessary.


V. Membership 

A. Camping Singles is a social organization intended to provide a non discriminatory, social environment for adult, single persons. To this purpose, it is intended that members be single and over the age of eighteen (18). 
B. To become a member, one must complete a membership form and pay the annual dues as listed on the "Schedule of Fees". 
C. A member who has participated in the group as a single and later becomes married may remain a member of the group with all the privileges of the group. 
D. The membership is encouraged to invite single adult guests to meetings and activities.  Subsequent attendance requires the guest to become a member of Camping Singles . 

VI. Board of Directors 

A. The Board of Directors shall consist of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Director and [*Advertising  Director] Newsletter Editor Director.  [*A motion for change to the Camping Singles By-laws was voted for and approved on July 10, 2007 as follows:  Remove the Advertising Chairman and add the Newsletter Editor as a Board of Director position.] 
B. Non-members are not allowed to serve on the Board of Directors. 
C. The role of the Board of Directors is to provide the legal operation and documentation required of the corporation. No Board member will enter into a contract or agreement without the prior approval of the entire Board. 

D. The Board will be elected by the membership during the Annual Election. 
E. Term of Office 

1. Board members are elected for a one-year term of office beginning after the adjournment of the "Annual Organization Meeting ."

2. Board members may serve up to, but no more than, two consecutive terms in one office unless a waver is presented and voted upon which would allow for a board member to continue in the same office for another year. 

F. Duties of the Officers 

1. Chairperson

a. To serve on the Board of Directors

b. To call meetings to order at the appointed time.

c. To preside at all of the meetings.

d. To announce business before the membership in its proper order.

e. To state and put to a vote all questions that are properly brought before the membership.

f. To appoint replacements for vacant Board positions.

g. To maintain order and decorum.

h. To decide all Questions of Order (subject to appeal). 

2. Vice Chairperson

a. To serve on the Board of Directors .

b. To act as Chairperson in the absence of the Chairperson

c. To coordinate all committees and trip leaders/coordinators 

3. Secretary

a. To serve on the Board of Directors

b. To record and keep minutes of each Board meeting.

c. To provide a copy of the minutes of the previous Board meeting at each meeting of the Board.

d. To provide a copy of the proceedings at each membership meeting.

e. To create, maintain and record legal records for the Camping Singles operations.

f. To maintain an "Information Document" that details all current contacts, contracts, accounts and arrangements of the organization. This document will include the address and account numbers for all bank accounts and contracts with outside firms and organizations.

g. To conduct the annual election of the Board of Directors.

4. Treasurer

a. To serve on the Board of Directors

b. To collect, record and deposit all monies collected by the organization.

c. To pay all bills.

d. To maintain the management of the financial records and funds generated and disbursed within the organization.

e. To provide a report of the financial status of the organization at each meeting of the Board.

f. To provide an annual financial report for the Auditing Committee. 

5. Membership Director

a. To serve on the Board of Directors.

b. To maintain all records, lists, etc. of members and prospective members.

c. To oversee any membership related committees.

d. To provide a current list of members at each board and membership meeting.

e. To maintain a log of visitors, call these visitors and encourage them to join or obtain feedback as to why they do not wish to become a member. 

6. Newsletter Editor Director

a. To serve on the Board of Directors

b. To publish a monthly newsletter.

c. To provide copies of the monthly newsletter to all members , preferably by email, or by mail if no email is available.

d. To keep an updated mailing and email list of all members , and to notify the Board of any changed email addresses.

e. To keep in contact with the Board and the membership in order to get material for the monthly newsletter.

f. To publish a Camping Site Guide for each year with information about each scheduled trip that will be available to the membership and visitors. 

G. Election of the Board of Directors 

1. The election of Board members shall be held at the first meeting in October (the "Annual Organizational Meeting"). 
2. The execution of the election is the responsibility of the Secretary of Camping Singles. 
3. Election to the Board requires a majority of the eligible votes cast. If more than two people are vying for one office , there shall be a second ballot comprised of the two names that received the most votes on the first balloting . 
4. .Newly elected Board members' terms shall begin after the "Annual Organization Meeting" is adjourned . 
5. The election of any Board member may be rescinded (the Director removed from office) by a two-thirds vote of the membership present. 

VII. Assessment and Collection of Fees 
A. The Board will provide a standard "Schedule of Fees" document that is available to all members at any time. 
B. Changes to the "Schedule of Fees" will require approval by a majority vote of the general membership. 
C. The Board may make special arrangement with other "singles" groups for reciprocity in Camping Singles ' activities.  In these situations, members of both groups may partake of each club's activities without the necessity of paying membership fees in the other club.  However, any activity-related fees will apply equally to members of the other group as to Camping Singles members. 

VIII. Camp Outs and Other Events 

A. All activities shall have a volunteer coordinator.  A camp out trip that does not have a coordinator will be canceled. 
B. Trip coordinators will be responsible for obtaining, disseminating, and maintaining all information and records for each trip 
C. It is not the intention of the Board to manage the member-coordinated activities. 
D. All fees for camp outs or other events are the responsibility of each individual and not that of Camping Singles.
E. Camping Singles is not responsible for any mismanagement of a camp out or other event.  However, the Board may be capable of providing aid to help make the activities safe and fun. 

F. Dates and locations for the season's camp outs will be determined by the general membership . 
G. Individuals may schedule activities or camp outs of their own choosing so long as these activities do not conflict with the membership-scheduled activities. 
H. Guests are welcome, including family members. However, all guests must be over the age of eighteen (18).


IX. Newsletter Calendar 
A. Newsletters and calendars will be distributed periodically to current members . 
B. Guests will be given a current newsletter, information concerning Camping Singles, and a list of the Board members. 
C. Advertising for business purposes in the newsletter is available to current members.  Items for sale and business ads are acceptable. Personal ads will not be accepted. The advertising rates are described in the "Schedule of Fees." 

X. Camping Singles Financial Operations 
A. The Camping Singles Board will be allowed to maintain banking accounts as necessary for the effective operation of the organization.

1. All accounts will have multiple signers that shall always include the current Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer . Other signers may be added with the approval of the Board.

2. The name of an authorized signer on the accounts will be removed as soon as possible after that person's status removes him/her from the responsibility of being an authorized signer. 

B. The Treasurer will keep current records of all expenses and provide a Treasurer's report to the Board each month.
C. All reimbursements for approved club expenses require receipts or statements and a properly executed "expense voucher" in order to be reimbursed . 
D. An independent audit of the financial records of Camping Singles shall be conducted annually and provided to the Board. The choice of auditor and any fees associated with this audit will require Board approval. 

XI. Changes to the By-laws 
A. Changes to these By-laws require a two-thirds vote of the general membership present and eligible to vote . 
B. Any proposed change must be provided in writing to all members of the organization at least thirty days prior to the meeting at which the vote on the change will be held.  This notice must include the location and date of that meeting. 

Schedule of Fees:

The fee for membership in Camping Singes is $30.00 per year beginning on October 1 through September 30. Any person joining within the year prior to August 1st pays $30; any person joining from August 1 through September 30 pays $10.00 with their renewal rate on october 1 being $30.00. This policy is subject to change at the discretion of the Board and the vote of the membership.

There is currently no fee for advertising in the monthly newsletter.

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