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Are you a Prospective Board Member?

October and elections are coming up rapidly, and it’s time for all of you to consider if you would like to join the Board of CSI. In order for an organization to survive and thrive, it needs participation and commitment from its members.  Here is a brief description of the duties, as the current Board has set them:

  • President: Chair the meetings, respond to outside inquiries, such as someone wanting to offer something for sale to the members, share the list, etc. (These decisions are based on the by-laws.) and help with duties of other Board members as needed. (taking notes if the Secretary is absent, sending Evites on occasion to members, etc.)

  • Vice President: Chair the meetings, if the President is absent, head the site-selection committee for next year’s campouts, and assist other Board members as needed. 

  • Treasurer: maintain the checking account, and tracking membership dues and paying expenses, sending out Evites to members for events and sending emails to the general membership, as requested. 

  • Secretary: Take the minutes at the meetings, prepare them and submit them to the Web/Newsletter person for inclusion in the newsletter.

  • Membership: Head the membership committee, monitor the emails coming into the website, providing membership information to prospective members in a timely manner and follow up with them. Place and monitor any ads for membership, and maintain the membership list.

  • Web/Newsletter: Maintain the website, including updating membership information and the photo gallery.


All of us are available to jump in and help another Board Member as needed. This is how the current Board has divided responsibilities, based on time requirements and skills. A new Board may opt to change this outline.


At this time, we know that Mary (Membership) and Rick (VP) would like to leave the Board . The other Board members will remain for another year, unless volunteers from the general membership would be interested in running. Please consider running for the Board – new perspectives and ideas are a welcome addition!  


Remember, the more people who are actively involved, the stronger CSI becomes!

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